Reach your audience,
by sending emails.

Mail Roll was designed for agile people who manage a subscribers list. We want you to stay engaged with your audience and keep them updated of your life, product or anything.

Take more advantage of your audience, today

We felt like none of the existing tools emphasized one of the most essential principles: Audience Interaction. Read more about how we try to change this.

  • Send Emails To Your Audience

    Submit your subscribers list and start sending them updates about whatever you want, whenever you want. You can also choose specific subscribers to email.

  • Follow The Progress

    Get important stats about your sent emails. Amount of people who read the email, what link they clicked on, who unsubscribed, how many likes and dislikes, etc.

  • Manage Your Profile Account

    Edit your profile account, add a description, name, image and you will also have your sent emails listed. You can also accept Paypal donations without being Pro.

  • Fast & Secure

    We make sure your emails deliver as fast as possible and never end up in the spam folder.

  • No Spam

    We do not accept spam emails and we always detect them. Always.

  • Join Our Writers Gallery

    We built a writers gallery to show our daily visitors the best writers of our community.

  • Win Money With Donations

    We allow you to choose whether you want to receive Paypal donations or not.

  • Gain More Subscribers

    People who subscribed to your profile page are added to your subscribers list.

  • See What Your Subscribers Do In Your Emails

    We give you all the stats of each email you sent.

What Others Say About Us

Don't trust our words. Hundreds are already using Mail Roll actively. Read what those lovely people have to say about us.

    • Been using Mail Roll for a long time and it has worked for me every time. Top marks guys!
      Rami M. Amin
    • 5 min since I gained access and I'm already in love with the minimalistic and slick interface 😍
      Saijo George
    • LOVE what you guys are doing! Been looking for a tool just like yours for a long time.
      Ben Lang
    • This site is SO well done. The design / illustrations / animations are 💯 👌. Great work @fmaldonadoy @lucas 👍
      Moe Amaya, founder of Meta Tags